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Adventure of the Science Center 2: The Return of RPG

On July 3, 2014, a few of the members of Team RPG went back to the Adventure science center(ASC) to present the robot to a group of high school students from Kentucky. the members Dain Ironfoot, Oin, Jukto, Et’ath, and Albornzine Cahill did a short but thorough description of our robot, how it works, things our team did and how we did them, and encouraged them to start a team of their own. After the discussion, we demoed the robot, and even let some of the students drive the robot. It was a great time demoing the robot although we did not come prepared because we had no idea what the students had already done so we winged it and tried our best. Hopefully, we will see another team pop up in Kentucky because we demoed at the ASC

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Adventure of the Science Center

On June 12nd of 2014, the Albornzine Cahill, Dain Ironfoot, Oin, Jukto, Haldir, Et’ath, and a newly joined member went to the Adventure Science Center (ASC) in Nashville Tennessee. To demonstrate Excalibur, the robot, to kids doing a summer science camp at the ASC, we started with a presentation that our coach made. Then Et’ath and Oin drove the robot around displaying to the kids its awesome hanging mechanism and its marvelous block dropper. Fortunately, we did not decapitate any shins with the shin decapitator. While they were displaying the major robot, Alborzine went to another table to display a smaller robot that we built. Its purpose will be to let the programmers have an initial test for our programs that we code, and gives us a chance to play with new sensors we get, for instance, our new gyro sensor. Overall, we had a great time. The kids enjoyed us being there and seeing the wonders of robotics.

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The Adventure at Spring Hill Library

On May 24th of 2014, Oin, Albornzine Cahill, Dain Ironfoot, and Jukto all went to Spring hill to do a presentation for those in the library and a family who is thinking on starting a team in that area. There were very few annoying difficulties. The day started fine. Albornzine’s family brought up the field so we could display the robot properly. As we sat up the field, we found out that we did not have a drill. Thankfully, the person who we were displaying for was able to go back to his house and get one. When we finished setting up, we realized that Jukto’s family forgot most of the blocks. Thankfully, we had a few stray blocks in one of the boxes, so we were not fully in the dark. Unfortunately, Excalibur was having trouble waking up. We tried to connect him to the internet, but he was being stubborn and not wanting to connect. Thankfully, one of the parents started talking and we started talking about our team and how to start up a team. In the end we all had a good time and we hope to see another team start up in Tennessee!

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Team RPG Presentation at the Adventure Science Center

On July 17, Team RPG took an excursion to the Adventure Science Center for the Robots 2.0 Kids Camp! Coach Foo did an AWESOME presentation the kids loved! We then demonstrated all the functions of Excalibur, which also included its human emotions! We also took a small Lego Mindstorm robot and had the kids interact with it.  They loved it!  It was a great experience and the whole team enjoyed it!  We hope to go back again soon!



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Robotics Presentation


On May 24th of 2014, Team RPG is going to Spring Hill, Tennessee to do a presentation at the Spring Hill Library. We will start at 3:30 and will be there until 5 pm. The library is located at 144 Kedron Pkwy, Spring Hill, TN 37174. We hope that you will be able to join us for some robotic fun , and we’ll see you there!



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HCA Again

Since the last time we went to Heritage Christian Academy we had to spend time repairing the robot and did not get to present during Connect(a time where all students 7th grade and older come together and listen to upcoming events and sometimes have special guests) we decided to go again. On February 21, 2014, Albornzine Cahill, Nocturna, and Dain Ironfoot went and presented there mighty bot to about two hundred students who were in 7th – 12th. They even took the field to show how the robot reacts to it. While Albornzine and Dain controlled this marvelous beast, Nocturna described what it does and a little about FIRST. Thanks to the magical powers of Microsoft power point, projectors, and a flash drive, the group had a slide show presentation to go along with most of their presentation, although it malfunctioned during the beginning, leading to Nocturna having to use her memory and pure improvisation. Over all they had a great time and no one had stage fright, although they were not able to raise the flag.

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The end…or is it?

After a hard time competing at Ohio State and Georgia State Championships (one was harder than the other), we unfortunately cannot continue to the next level (super regionals). We will also be losing at least one member, Viloth D’wingym, because he is getting to old for FTC :( but we hope that he will come back and be a programming mentor for those who will be on the programming team next year. We may lose more because of the huge time commitment and lack of interest to them. This may seem like the end until next year, BUT we still have stuff to do. We can still perform outreach to other people in our area. When we have an outreach idea, we our more likely to do it because we will not have any more meetings until August or September time frame. Thank you for all who supported us and to those who read this blog. We will still post for almost every outreach event we do but we will most likely have no more team meetings till August or September. So for now “So long, farewell, Auf Weidersehen, goodbye”

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Georgia State Tournament

Georgia state…… what good did we have at Georgia State….? Over all Georgia State was the worst tournament. The failures were on both our team’s fault and the host’s fault. We won one round out of six rounds. We had problems like: the authorities would not redo rounds that they messed up (12 teams challenged a rule and still they did not redo that round), our robot broke a few times; we picked up the wrong controllers when starting a round, and other things. We had some things that made the day enjoyable (for a bit). We had a nice interview (you can watch it at: the very first round we won (we got our butts kicked in the others), and at the end Haldir won a box of Girl Scout cookies, because one of the teams (GENIUS) is a team made up of girl scouts and they were doing a raffle throughout the day that you placed your name in a box and they would draw four names out those who got their name drawn got a box of Girl Scout cookies. Also Nocturna (though she was never publicly mentioned) made the best move one could ever make: she started a flash mob streak! We were waiting for the awards, and Nocturna went up to the people running the sound and asked for a song (Cha Cha Slide) and they said yes. So the song played, and a lot of people gathered to dance. The song ended and another flash mob song came on, and that process went on and on until they played four different songs (Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Macarena, and Party Rock).over all we had a bad tournament with a few good times in it.

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Ohio State Tournament

Members of Team RPG traveled this past weekend to iSpaces in Cincinnati to participate in the Ohio State Championship. The weekend started with a harrowing drive through a snowstorm that left members of the team staying in hotels scattered across Kentucky.  Our hope to do robot check-in Friday night was side tracked 30 miles south of Cincinnati by a major accident that closed the interstate for 90 minutes.  All team members did arrive safely but it meant that we had a very early start to Saturday!

The day got underway with us setting up our pit area, checking in the robot,  and starting to scout the competition.  The 28 team field looked to be very strong with teams traveling from as far away as Maryland, Michigan, and Tennessee. Once all of the team members arrived they met with the judging panel and presented the “Story of Team RPG”.

Then the 5 qualification rounds got underway. After last week, our team members were very much focused on the details – lesson learned :-) Team RPG won their first two matches. In the third match, the alliance attempted a daring 2 robot hang maneuver. Unfortunately, the maneuver did not work and Team RPG’s alliance lost the match.  After the match, an inspection showed that a wheel axle had been damaged. The team worked to replace the axle and barely made it to the next match. The team won the fourth match, although their robot, Excaliber, was still behaving oddly. Turned out that one of the motors had broken and needed replacing. The drama began because our head engineer had become very ill.  The youngest member of the team stepped up and replaced the motor and got the robot ready for the final round.  The robot performed but the match was against two very strong teams.  Our alliance fell short by just a few points.


After the end of the qualifying round, Team RPG was not selected as an alliance partner and thus our competition was over. However, we did not go home empty-handed.  Team RPG won the Motivate Award.  This award “celebrates the team that exemplifies the essence of the FTC competition through team building, team spirit and enthusiasm.”

We did not advance to a super regional tournament so our tournament season is over. This does not mean that Team RPG is done!  We have outreach opportunities to let others know about FIRST and FTC.  Team members will be showing the robot at local schools, as well as traveling to Knoxville to demonstrate during a FRC tournament.

This has been a great year for Team RPG. As a rookie team we accomplished way more than we expected at the outset. More importantly, the team members learned a great deal about team work, practical engineering, programming, and so much more.

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On Monday, January 20th , Dain Ironfoot, Albornzine cahill, and Haldir went to Heritage Christian Academy’s STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fair to present their robot, Excalibur, to the people who went. During the fair, they showed off their robot to those who went over to their display. After the award ceremony, they did a public display in front of all of the people who were there, including the mayor of Mount Juliet. They passed out business cards and brochures. Their Goal was to get people excited about robots, and hopefully pick up a sponsor or two.

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