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Robot Repair?!?!

Great time at robotics this evening. Fire, Booms, and Weaponry what more could you ask for? Please check out the photos at

and our YouTube and other social media at the More RPG page.

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Antioch Science Fair

On November 8th of 2014, Team RPG went to Antioch, Tennessee to attend a local science fair (hosted by Adventure Science Center). They demoed there with fellow Tennessee FTC team SHARP (Spring Hill Area Robotics Players).rsz_1rsz_photo_nov_08_1_09_42_pm

While at the fair, Team RPG talked to many people about starting an FTC team and how to do robotics. The director of FTC in Memphis, Tennessee, Dustin Maki, was there. RPG team-member Nocturna sat with him for several hours teaching him the basics of programming in RobotC. rsz_1rsz_1rsz_photo_nov_08_11_10_05_am


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Visit from Harpeth Hall

On the 21st of October, 2014, the coach from an FTC team at Harpeth Hall came to a team meeting to learn more about the way that FTC works, and to witness a real, live team meeting in progress. The coach brought her husband and her
daughter, who works for PTC. The team gave the coach tips on how to work on the robot and how to program. The coach also got to witness the season’s field, and the programmers and engineers talked to the coach’s daughter about CAD design and programming in general. Team RPG wishes the Harpeth Hall team the best of luck!

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Nashville Mini Maker’s Faire

On September 12, 2014, several members of Team RPG went to the Mini Maker’s Faire in Nashville, Tennessee. Oin, Abornzine, Jukto, Dain, and Nocturna were there to meet the attendees of the faire and raise awareness of Team RPG, FTC, and FIRST


The night before the day of the Mini Maker’s Faire, Dain, and some parental authorities arrived to set up the Team RPG booth and make the workload in the morning less on the rest of the team. Thank you for this!

The day started out with Abornzine, Dain, and a parent at the booth. Nocturna arrived shortly after they did, and they began to attempt to connect to Excalibur via wifi. This took multiple tries, as Excalibur was being moody and difficult (also, Coach Foo, the team’s good-luck charm and valued leader, was not present), but they were eventually able to connect Excalibur and get moving.rsz_dsc_0637

Once people started showing up, the team began handing out flyers and talking to anyone who would listen. While they were speaking to people, they met a person who wishes to be part of Team RPG. He has since joined the team. His profile should be under the “team” section of the website some time soon.

The team had a lot of fun at the Mini Maker’s Faire, and they are grateful to the attendees for stopping by, and to all of the other super cool exhibits!

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Team Meeting 9-9-2014

The first official team meeting after the challenge was released! This week, the team brainstormed ideas for the initial design of the robot. So far, what we have come up with is a conveyor belt of some sort. The engineers came up with the idea to use some sort of sensor to count how many balls go into the robot so as to prevent the robot from carrying more than five balls, but this was rejected by the programmers, as this would be theoretically impossible to do because he balls vary in size.

While the engineers were designing the robot, the programmers were getting themselves organized and deciding how their code would be laid out this year. They have decided to use GitHub as a storage mechanism for their code. GitHub provides a work space that keeps track of all changes of the code that are made – this should prove useful, as the programmers are prone to messing up.

The team has decided that the programmers need to write a “Diagnostics” program, which will run the stats of the robot and alert the team if there is anything wrong.

Team RPG has made some significant progress, considering that this was their first meeting!

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The Big Reveal

After months of anticipation, Team RPG was finally able to see the awaited FTC FIRST challenge! Once the video was finished, the team sat there, stunned by the complication of this season’s challenge. After they had gathered their wits and eaten some food (Pretty much all that Dain Ironfoot is good at), the team began to brainstorm about ideas for the potential robot and programming. The engineers sketched possible designs for this year’s robot on a whiteboard door (which the whole team thought was pretty cool), and the programmers talked about how they were going to overcome the great challenge this year.  rsz_dsc_0030

The team had a great time at the kickoff party of their second season(!!) and they had fun hanging out together and watching the challenge video (which miraculously had no technical errors this year). They look forward to building and programming the robot…and to competing!!

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Wilson County Fair

rsz_11rsz_robot                                                       On August 16, 2014, after determining that they really wanted to visit the same place that they picked up the notorious Nocturna, who just won’t leave, the team went to the Wilson County Fair in Tennessee (the 34th most attended fair in America). Coach Foo forgot his laptop cord, so Excalibur lay undriven for quite some time, until Abornzine arrived with his laptop charger. Until then, however, the team amazed visitors with a small, simple robot that was programmed to turn away from objects in its path. Children, especially, were incredulous!

The team drove Excalibur around the building, picking up blocks, crashing into things, and causing general mayhem.

 The four team members present (Nocturna, Abornzine, Dain, and a new member) had a great time at the fair, and, continuing their tradition of gathering new  members at the fair, brought a new crusader into their midst. They look forward to having him on the team!


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Adventure of the Science Center 2: The Return of RPG

On July 3, 2014, a few of the members of Team RPG went back to the Adventure science center(ASC) to present the robot to a group of high school students from Kentucky. the members Dain Ironfoot, Oin, Jukto, Et’ath, and Albornzine Cahill did a short but thorough description of our robot, how it works, things our team did and how we did them, and encouraged them to start a team of their own. After the discussion, we demoed the robot, and even let some of the students drive the robot. It was a great time demoing the robot although we did not come prepared because we had no idea what the students had already done so we winged it and tried our best. Hopefully, we will see another team pop up in Kentucky because we demoed at the ASC

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Adventure of the Science Center

On June 12nd of 2014, the Albornzine Cahill, Dain Ironfoot, Oin, Jukto, Haldir, Et’ath, and a newly joined member went to the Adventure Science Center (ASC) in Nashville Tennessee. To demonstrate Excalibur, the robot, to kids doing a summer science camp at the ASC, we started with a presentation that our coach made. Then Et’ath and Oin drove the robot around displaying to the kids its awesome hanging mechanism and its marvelous block dropper. Fortunately, we did not decapitate any shins with the shin decapitator. While they were displaying the major robot, Alborzine went to another table to display a smaller robot that we built. Its purpose will be to let the programmers have an initial test for our programs that we code, and gives us a chance to play with new sensors we get, for instance, our new gyro sensor. Overall, we had a great time. The kids enjoyed us being there and seeing the wonders of robotics.

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The Adventure at Spring Hill Library

On May 24th of 2014, Oin, Albornzine Cahill, Dain Ironfoot, and Jukto all went to Spring hill to do a presentation for those in the library and a family who is thinking on starting a team in that area. There were very few annoying difficulties. The day started fine. Albornzine’s family brought up the field so we could display the robot properly. As we sat up the field, we found out that we did not have a drill. Thankfully, the person who we were displaying for was able to go back to his house and get one. When we finished setting up, we realized that Jukto’s family forgot most of the blocks. Thankfully, we had a few stray blocks in one of the boxes, so we were not fully in the dark. Unfortunately, Excalibur was having trouble waking up. We tried to connect him to the internet, but he was being stubborn and not wanting to connect. Thankfully, one of the parents started talking and we started talking about our team and how to start up a team. In the end we all had a good time and we hope to see another team start up in Tennessee!

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